When the physical or mental health of a parent makes it impossible for them to reside at home safely by themselves, it may be time to start thinking about alternative living arrangements. Assisted living care in an option that you and your loved one can consider. As the person responsible for the care of your parent, there are some steps you can take to ensure that he or she receives the best-assisted living care for his or her situation.

1. Get Your Loved One Involved

It is ideal for your parent to be involved in the process of transitioning to assisted living care, even though it may be necessary for you to do most of the labor. It is important that your parent’s preferences factor heavily into all of the decisions that are made. This may entail having in-depth discussions about their condition and why assisted living care what they may need. However, if your parent is mentally impaired, you may have the bear the brunt of the decision making.

2. Determine What You Can Afford

Be prepared for the fact that finances may be a significant factor in the decision making. You can begin by determining how much you and your family will be able to be able to contribute to the costs of assisted living care. You and other family members may want to consider pooling your resources or selling unused family property to get the funds. Other sources of financing for which your parent may qualify, such as veteran benefits, may also be used to pay for the care.

3. Consult with an Eldercare Advisor

If you are seeking some guidance about assisted living services, consulting with a local senior living or eldercare advisor may help. After learning about the factors surrounding your loved one’s situation, a senior living advisor can get you in touch with the resources you need. They can also recommend assisted living facilities that may address the unique needs and preferences of your loved one.

4. Experience the Facility Firsthand

To make the most informed decision regarding assisted living care facility, it will be necessary see the assisted living facility in person. You may want to call ahead to schedule visits to at least three facilities you and your loved one have been considering. If possible, try arranging a tour that coincides with a meal time so that your parent may be able to sample the food and get a sense of what type of atmosphere and culture exist at the facility. Don’t be reluctant to arrange follow-up tours or make unannounced visits to help come to a decision.

5. Make a Decision

When making a decision, you should discuss with your parent the advantages and disadvantages of each facility under consideration. Take into account any independent reviews of the facilities as well as a background check obtained from the agency in your state that regulates assisted living facilities. It may also be prudent to make sure that everyone in the family is in agreement about the facility that is selected.