Your aging loved one may no longer be able to care for himself or herself properly, and you may not be able to provide the constant care that they require. As a concerned caregiver, you may be wondering whether it is time to consider an assisted living facility. While all facilities are different, they all provide a broad range of benefits that can help the elderly regain some of their independence and can restore their quality of life.


Having reliable and accessible transportation can be an issue for the elderly. They may no longer be able to drive themselves or others safely, or would prefer to avoid driving in heavy traffic. They may also have relatives who are unable to take them everywhere they need to go. At an assisted living facility, your loved one will have access to safe transportation that can bring them to the grocery store, medical appointments, community events, places of worship and more.

Food Service

An elderly person’s eating habits may change for some reasons. They may no longer have a taste for their food, or they are no longer able to fix their food because of a physical condition. At an assisted living facility, your loved one will enjoy regular meals and snacks that can be tailored to address any diet or nutritional needs. Some facilities may also have a personal kitchen where residents may get assistance fixing their meals if they prefer.

Mobility Assistance

As people age, they may not be as mobile as they once were, and the home in which they reside may suddenly be an unsafe environment. The stairs may be difficult to use on a regular basis, and navigating corners may present challenges as well. Having a home fitted with the appropriate mobility devices, such as ramps or shower and wall bars, can be very expensive. However, these devices are standard at assisted living facilities and can reduce the chances of your aging loved one falling. There are also trained personnel who can provide necessary assistance.

Secure Environment

Your loved one’s older age may make them vulnerable while they are living alone. Assisted living facilities provide various means of security. This can include monitored entrances and exits as well as on-site security personnel. Many facilities also provide an in-house notification system in the event there is an emergency in a resident’s apartment or room.

Opportunity to Socialize

As people grow older, they may feel less inclined to be socially active. This may be due to the passing of a spouse, life-long friends or other elderly relatives. This can result in depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. At an assisted living facility, your aging loved one will have the opportunity to engage with his or her peers. This may be done through scheduled activities, communal dining or group outings. Being socially active can positively affect the elderly’s mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Medical Assistance

If your loved one has certain medical issues, such as needing assistance with taking medication or requiring limited skilled nursing care, an assisted living facility can help. There will be a medical staff on hand to help your loved one with his or her medical needs. The facility may have an in-house physician, or there may be an arrangement with local hospitals for an on-call physician.

Arbor Place’s assisted living in Rockville MD can provide the continuous, personalized care an elderly person requires. You and your aging loved one can be confident that the best decision for was made for his or her well-being.