Family Letter: Ambassador James K. Glassman

Walter Fanburg, MD
Arbor Place
4413 Muncaster Mill Road
Rockville, MD 20853

March 25, 2014

Dear Dr. Fanburg:

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about eight years ago. My brother, sister, and I wanted to keep her in her own apartment because we felt the familiar surroundings would comfort her. After about five years, however, we realized we needed other options. We looked at practically every facility in the Washington, DC, area, including some very pricey ones, and none seems satisfactory. Then we heard about Arbor Place.

We three siblings were quite demanding, especially my sister, who was living with my mother in her apartment and was the primary caregiver (along with a cast of four paid helpers). We were impressed during our visits and were convinced that this was a different kind of facility, mainly because of its small size and its caring staff. As I am sure you remember, you urged us to talk to family members of other at Arbor Place, and we did.

Their enthusiasm is reflected in our own experience. Our mother was wonderfully cared for. You were responsive to her needs – and ours. The three of us visited often, and we hand no complaints – only admiration for the work of your staff and satisfaction at the stimulation that activities provided. I only wish we had decided earlier that Arbor Place was the right place for her.

My mother passed away at Arbor Place in late January. Your warmth and consideration were greatly appreciated, and I am happy to personally recommend Arbor Place to anyone who needs a reference. I can tell you, Walter, that I met today with the director of Iona House and sang your praises.

Again, my thanks.


Ambassador James K. Glassman
Bethesda, Maryland

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