When a parent is diagnosed with dementia, it’s a hard time for everyone involved. You might wonder: What is dementia exactly? How did this happen to my parent? How can I respond lovingly? How can I make sure that my mother or father gets the care he or she deserves? It probably seems that there are so many questions and so few answers. But before you feel like you’re drowning in information, take comfort in knowing that there are assisted living facilities that specialize in caring for people with dementia. Read on to learn all about the benefits of these facilities — and how Arbor Place can help you feel good knowing that your beloved parent is receiving the great care he or she deserves every single day.

What are the benefits of an assisted living facility that specialize in dementia care?

An assisted living facility is a long-term residence that provides personal care services for seniors, such as meals, medication management, bathing, dressing, and transportation. It estimated that, in the United States, about 70% of adults over the age of 65 would need long-term care in an assisted living facility at some point in their lives.

Only some assisted living facilities specialize in dementia care. Memory care units are long-term skilled nursing facilities that specifically cater to patients with dementia and other memory problems. Dementia units usually provide 24-hour supervised care within a separate wing or floor of a facility.

Why do so many people choose assisted living facilities that specialize in dementia care for their loved ones? Here are just a few reasons:

  • These places provide private rooms and daily meals, as well as assistance with daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing, cleaning, medication management, exercise, and social programs.
  • The staff in memory care units are specially trained to assist people with dementia.
  • The physical layout and security of memory care units are designed for dementia patients. This way, wandering behavior is minimized, and the environment is easy to navigate.

In general, the employees of memory care units have the experience to understand the complexity of dementia — and they work hard to offer support to these patients at every stage of their lives.

What is Arbor Place?

Arbor Place is a private assisted living facility located in Rockville, Maryland that specializes in caring for seniors living with various forms of dementia.

Arbor Place is known for being uniquely able to deal with the unique needs of people with dementia and other memory disorders. Why do people choose Arbor Place for their aging parents with dementia? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Founded and directed by a geriatric psychiatrist: Walter Fanburg, MD, opened Arbor Place in 1998, knowing that memory care requires close, personalized medical and psychiatric attention.
  • Uniquely able to deal with the particular needs of people with dementia: Arbor Place allows people to age in place with dignity throughout the course of dementia.
  • Privacy: Arbor Place is a one-level home that provides a private bedroom and bathroom for each resident.
  • Beautiful and safe: All residents enjoy a picturesque landscaped gardens and putting green. Inside, residents enjoy natural sunlight and a comfortable, home-like setting.
  • Always engaged: Arbor Place residents are always involved in music, art, dance and other activities.
  • Surrounded by love: Arbor Place residents are always surrounded by great care as they’re supported by a professionally trained, compassionate and responsive staff. This team realizes that it is tough for people to watch their parents deal with dementia and other memory disorders. But when that person is in an environment that caters to their unique needs, people feel more at ease, knowing that they have provided the very best for their much-loved parent. At Arbor Place, family members quickly realize that life has changed for the better for their aging loved ones.

If you’re looking for the very best in dementia care for your beloved parent, we invite you to explore our unique, happy home at Arbor Place.

To find out more about Arbor Place, please call 301-924-0666 or visit ArborPL.com today.