Arbor Place: COVID-19 Response

Is it safe to move my family member into Arbor Place at this time?  

Our response during this time includes the following:

  • All residents and staff are COVID-19 negative.
  • New residents are tested prior to admission to confirm COVID-19 negative.
  • Staff testing for COVID-19 continues weekly with same-day results.
  • Best practices of infection control are in place. Staff is given on-going training in hygiene, handwashing, sanitizing, use of masks at all times, and other protective measures. 
  • All caregivers inform the nurse of outside activities to preclude exposure. This screening together with temperature monitoring occurs before each shift.
  • Family members are now able to visit socially on our back patio. Visitors are also screened, must wear a mask, and their temperature checked.

A Video Visit

Please call 301-924-0666 to speak with Deborah Fanburg regarding Arbor Place and COVID-19 response.