Arbor Place: COVID-19 Response

We know that it is critical for families to feel secure when they entrust us with their loved one.

Our response includes the following:

  • Arbor Place, very early, made the unprecedented decision to protect residents by restricting visitors and continues to do so.
  • To prevent contamination from health care employees working in multiple facilities, we mandated that staff had to choose to work solely at Arbor Place.
  • Another extraordinary measure was that our incredibly dedicated staff chose to shelter in place to protect our residents. To accomplish this, our staff remained on site 24/7 and slept on the premises in RV’s.
  • Caregiver questionnaires, screening by nurses, temperature monitoring, and continual testing for COVID-19 of all staff and residents has been our standard protocol since the beginning of the outbreak.
  • We provide support for families to “visit” remotely by using iPads via FaceTime, Skype and other videotelephony platforms.
  • To maintain contact with family members, Arbor Place has encouraged “window visits” and recently added “back patio visits” while safely social distancing.

We honor our team for their compassionate care and dedication to the safety of this community through these times.

We take the utmost pride and interest in caring for our families. Please email us or call us at 301-924-0666 so we can answer any questions you have in this challenging time as you navigate your next steps.

A Video Visit

A Family Window Visit

PPE For Staff and Residents

RVs for Staff to Reside During Pandemic