One of the biggest fears of ageing is that you might develop a condition like Alzheimer’s. There are both physical and mental implications of old age. But the possibility of developing a condition like Alzheimer’s is easily one of the worst. If you start to develop the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, it can slowly feel as though your free will is being taken away. It happens in stages until it might not be safe any longer for you to be living by yourself.

The first sign of Alzheimer’s is forgetting simple or important details. For instance, you might forget your name or the name of your children. If you’re looking after an elderly person, you might notice that they have periods of “phasing out.” Essentially, it will appear as though they are completely detached from the world around them. They won’t be focusing on the conversation or looking at something specific. It will appear as though they are having a deep daydream. If you think you have noticed these symptoms in someone that you know, it might be worth getting a check up by a doctor. Alzheimer’s can be recognised by changes on brain scans over several years. You will then know what stage of the disease the person you’re caring for is experiencing.

For a brief period, you might be able to deal with Alzheimer’s at home. However, at some point, almost every individual with Alzheimer’s will end up in some form of care.

Memory Care Facilities

One of the best forms of care for patients with Alzheimer’s is a memory care facility. Memory care facilities are places specifically for sufferers of Alzheimer’s. The care homes are designed for people with memory difficulties.

Something as simple as a peculiarly patterned floor could cause trouble for someone in the later stages. That’s why these facilities have regulated flooring. These environmental factors can have big impacts on patients with Alzheimer’s. It’s impossible to take each factor into account at home. But in a care facility everything can be controlled.

There are certain areas in the facility set up for activities and hobbies. Elderly people often still want to complete activities like gardening. At home, this could be dangerous. Alzheimer’s patients could suffer a serious injury doing something as simple as raking soil. But in a facility like this everything is set up safely with special measures in place. The way these areas are set up is designed to prevent hazards that could develop naturally.

However, to say that Alzheimers suffers don’t like a varied lifestyle isn’t true. At care facilities staff strive to ensure they still get a wide and varied lifestyle. This could be something as simple as making sure there are differences in their diet. In memory care facilities food menus are designed to be acceptable for people with Alzheimer’s. While still offering them interesting meals each day.

Alzheimer’s is a horrible condition. But with the right support system, it can be managed. By doing this, people with the condition can still have a good quality of life.