Welcome to Arbor Place Dementia Care, a memory care facility in Maryland

At Arbor Place, a private assisted living residence offering dementia care in Maryland, visitors will see plenty of love, laughter and joy—from the staff members and the residents. Walter Fanburg, M.D., a Geriatric Psychiatrist, founded Arbor Place, a memory care facility, in 1998 to specialize in serving individuals with all types of memory disorders. The caregiving team receives on-going medical oversight from the Director of Nursing to meet the specific physical needs of each resident, while cognitively engaging residents at their highest level of functioning.

Family Letters…

letters written to Dr. Walter Fanburg, founder and director of Arbor Place, thanking him for providing the highest level of care for their loved ones…

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about eight years ago. My brother, sister, and I wanted to keep her in her own apartment because we felt the familiar surroundings would comfort her. After about five years, however, we realized we needed other options. We looked at practically every facility in the Washington, DC, area, including some pricey ones, and none seemed satisfactory. Then we heard about Arbor Place. Read more…Ambassador James K. Glassman
“We ultimately visited 20 facilities: 15 in 4 different states initially, then 5 more… In all this, one facility stood out: Arbor Place. As we’ve said many times, there’s no place like Arbor Place. Not only do we think that it is the best place for our father but that it is truly unique in the things that matter most.” Read more…Susan D. Sawtelle, Esq., Managing Associate General Counsel U.S. Government Accountability Office
“I have been in many health care facilities over the years, and have a good appreciation for what constitutes a good facility… When I began my search for a facility, my heart sank when I went into some of them… But when I went into Arbor Place, I felt very happy… When I got home, I told my daughter that I had just visited a facility that I loved. She said, “No one loves an Alzheimer’s facility!” Nonetheless, my initial impressions of Arbor Place have been borne out… I am extremely grateful to you and the staff at Arbor Place for providing such a good environment for my husband.” Read more…Sandra W. McLeskey, RN, PhD Professor, University of Maryland School of Nursing
“I can’t think of the words to describe how fortunate I was to find Arbor Place and for you to have a place for my father there. I was told at another place I visited that the problem with Arbor Place is that they had so many staff that “they tripped over each other trying to help out the residents.” Of course, this is one of the greatest strengths of the place. But it isn’t just about the numbers of the staff, but quality of the staff.” Read more…Michael G. Schechter, Professor, Michigan State University