About Arbor Place


“My experience as consultant to long term care facilities convinced me that given my medical/psychiatric background I could develop the model of care for this population. I realized there were two components of care that are essential and unfortunately inadequately provided in most facilities.”
~ Walter Fanburg, MD, Founder & Director



About Dr. Walter Fanburg

Dr. Walter Fanburg received his BA from Princeton and his medical degree from Tulane School of Medicine. He is a board certified psychiatrist specializing in geriatric psychiatry. Prior to founding Arbor Place he was the psychiatric consultant to 20 long-term care facilities in DC and Montgomery County Maryland.

About Arbor Place Dementia Care

Arbor Place is a private assisted living residence, uniquely able to deal with the special needs of persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders. It provides aging in place with dignity through the disease process, including on-site hospice care when appropriate. Walter H. Fanburg, M.D., a board-certified Geriatric Psychiatrist, opened Arbor Place two decades ago based on his expertise and understanding that Alzheimer’s Care requires close medical and psychiatric attention. His experience has proven it is equally important that individually-tailored programming is essential to engage residents at their highest level of functioning.

Arbor Place is a beautifully-designed one-level home that includes a private bedroom and bathroom for each of the 16 residents. Everyone enjoys the secure landscaped gardens and putting green. Surrounded by laughter, sunlight, and cognitively engaging activities, Arbor Place residents are comfortable, relaxed and happy.

Bringing personalities and smiles to life

Persons with Alzheimer’s need a specific type of environment in which to thrive. The great internal reservoirs of laughter and joy are still there, but with Alzheimer’s it can take a different “language” and community to enable those personalities and smiles to come to life again.

The residents are constantly engaged through music, art, dance and other activities. We help each person make the most of his or her existing cognitive abilities by creating rich, stimulating experiences specific to their needs and interests. For people with Alzheimer’s, it is “the moment” that has meaning. We make each of those moments count.

How is this achieved?

Our residents are surrounded by caring and love – supported by a professionally trained, compassionate, articulate and responsive staff. Family members quickly realize how life has changed for the better for their loved ones.

Alzheimer’s can be a heartrending experience, especially for supportive family members who love and care for the person who has been diagnosed. But if the person you love is in an environment that facilitates internal and external contentment, you will feel more at ease and able to deal with other aspects of your own life, knowing that you have provided the very best for the person you love.

If you’re looking for the very best in Alzheimer’s care, we invite you to explore our uniquely alive and happy home.

To find out more about Arbor Place, please contact us today by calling 301-924-0666.